Weight Loss Service

Our weight loss service through healing is a powerful journey that goes beyond the game of calories in, and calories out. It encompasses a holistic approach to address the underlying causes of weight gain, focusing on nourishing and healing the body. By applying healing, food-based protocols, you will embark on a transformative path toward sustainable weight loss. This healing process promotes long-term health and vitality, allowing you to discover your true self and experience the profound joy of reclaiming your body and ultimately, your life.

Why you can’t lose weight

I spent most of my adult life asking myself “Why?” Why can’t I stick to a diet? Why can’t I lose weight? Why does the weight keep coming back? Why do I keep having cravings? Why am I so emotional and moody when I diet? Why does the weight stay even though I exercise 5 days a week? Why can’t I just stick to a lifestyle and maintain a healthy weight forever?

After years of researching, experimenting, and trying thousands of diets and products, I discovered the truth – permanent weight loss is only possible when you allow your body to heal and enable your organs to eliminate the waste that is stopping you from losing weight in the first place.

The organs that play crucial role in your weight loss are your liver and the lymphatic system among others. One of the ways for your body to protect you from toxins and pathogens reaching the vital organs is to push those into the fat storage and fill your body with water to dilute the content of that toxicity. As soon you start cleaning up the overburdened liver and move your lymphatic system, weight starts to fall off almost immediately.

What you will get from this coaching session

In just one 90-minute consultation you will get all the information, tools, and resources you need for you to start healing and preparing your body for permanent and sustainable weight loss. You will get:
  • Healing and nutrition information that explains what to eat and when to eat to heal and lose weight
  • How to properly combine foods to maximize your body’s healing ability, enabling you to lose weight and keep it off
  • Individualized meal program to help you with your weight loss goal
  • Individualized exercise program to help you move your lymphatic system and help you with your weight loss goal
  • Individualized transition plan to meet you where you are and to take you where you need to be
  • You will not be hungry, you will not have cravings, you will not feel deprived, you can eat carbs (lots of them)
  • Healing protocol is a nutrition plan designed to give your body all it needs: no pills, no shakes, no restrictive dieting, no cutting out carbs, no fasting, no excessive exercising, no going hungry, no counting calories
  • 7-day sample meal plan
  • Detailed review of causes of weight gain

What to expect after the coaching session

  • Two weeks of direct support following the coaching session
  • Free monthly newsletter with recipes and more
  • Access to a private health group for daily support
  • 25% off on all recipe books
Proper food combining and weight loss

Digestion takes about 15% of our total daily energy expenditure as our bodies have to work very hard to break down the food, absorb nutrients, and metabolize them for various bodily functions. Proper food combing ensures smooth digestive process and plays a key role in your weight loss journey. In addition, combining certain foods, slows down healing. It is essential to know what to eat and when to eat. We will be covering this topic on our coaching call.

Lymphatic system and weight loss (aka exercise)

Everyone knows exercise is good for us. But when it comes to healing, exercise plays an important role in moving our lymphatic system and helping our body detox. Not all exercise programs are created equal. Certain things are better for your lymphatic system than others. We will be covering this topic in detail on our coaching call.

Weight loss myths

When I started on my healing journey, I quickly learned that there are several myths when it comes to weight loss.

  • Metabolism slows down as you age.

    My 65 year old client lost 30 pounds in 6 months on the healing protocol. She was never able to reach her current weight even when she was in her 40s. Your metabolism has nothing to do with your ability to lose weight and has everything to do with your body’s ability to eliminate harmful waste.

  • You have a weight set point.

    Honestly, who determines that? The more clogged your liver becomes, the more weight you are going to put on. Period!

  • You are bound by your genetics.

    Toxic load gets passed down from generations. If you were born with overburdened liver, yes, weight loss will be difficult, and you might start experiencing weight gain in teenage years. This has nothing to do with genetics, and everything to do with the toxic load you have inherited. Once that is cleaned up, things will shift.

  • You need to deficit calories to lose weight.

    Not all calories are created equal. Calorie counting simply doesn’t work. We don’t know enough about human body to say exactly what happens to food when it goes through our system. Our focus should always be on the quality and the nutritional density of foods we consume, rather than how many calories they have.

Dieting and weight loss statistics

  • The global weight loss and diet management market was valued at approximately $192.2 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach $295.3 billion by 2027. (Source: Research and Markets).
  • Only about 20% of individuals successfully maintain long-term weight loss of at least 10% from their initial weight. (Source: Clinical Obesity).
  • Approximately 65% of people who lose weight return to their pre-dieting weight within three years, and 80% return within five years. (Source: Nutrition Reviews).
  • Severe dieting and yo-yo dieting can have negative health effects, including increased risk of heart disease, metabolic dysfunction, and disordered eating patterns. (Source: National Eating Disorders Association).
  • Dieting is associated with an increased risk of developing eating disorders, with dieting being the most common precipitating factor in the development of an eating disorder. (Source: National Eating Disorders Association).
  • About 91% of women are dissatisfied with their bodies and engage in dieting behaviors. (Source: National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders).

Even though there are a countless number of weight loss programs, according to the statistics, only about 20% of people maintain long-term weight loss with a whooping 80% of people returning to their pre-dieting weight withing five years. Not only that, but we also all know, the weight comes back with some interest.

Weight loss through healing is the only sustainable way to lose weight and keep it off forever.