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Healing is possible!
Hello! I’m Linda. I’m going to help you achieve natural weight loss by healing from within for a life-changing transformation. No pills, no shakes, no restrictive dieting, no cutting out carbs, no fasting, no excessive exercising, no going hungry, no counting calories. And, yes, you can eat potatoes.

Get Healthy and Vibrant for Good

Lose weight for life
For my private health coaching clients, I create a personalized roadmap to weight loss, using a holistic approach focused on healing. Recognizing that weight loss is multi-dimensional, I understand that every individual’s journey is unique. By carefully considering your specific needs, lifestyle, and goals, I craft a tailored plan that aligns with your body’s unique rhythm and requirements. With a combination of nutritional guidance, lifestyle adjustments, and emotional support, I empower you to achieve sustainable weight loss and a deeper sense of well-being. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together, crafting a path to a healthier, happier you.

About Me

Certified Healthy Eating & Weight Loss Coach
Give me a name of any diet and I probably tried it at some point in my life. The more diets I tried, the more clogged my liver became making it more and more difficult to lose weight as I got older. Learning about healing properties of foods and how to combine them for optimal health and weight loss has been a gamechanger. Let me show you how.

I am a Certified Healthy Eating & Weight Loss Coach

with years of experience working with clients as a personal trainer and a weight loss coach.